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  • Reduce your exposure of a damaging compliance related lawsuit. Most employers understand that good employee training programs designed to prevent lawsuits, audits, and fines, such as sexual harassment training, safety training, and ethics training are essential.
  • Be in compliance. Federal law requires training in on specific health and safety-related topics, and sexual harassment training is a must.
  • Higher productivity and employee morale. This potential financial loss and disruptive nature of workplace compliance lawsuits can and do have a numbing effect on the workplace. Employee morale and individual productivity is diminished and usually takes months even years to fully recover.
  • Reduce learning times without sacrificing results. “Briefs” differ from most traditional web-based training courses because they are just that: brief. Compliance briefs should take no longer than 30-45 minutes to complete and are focused, informative, and practical.



What are compliancebriefs?

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